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Volunteers must be at least 18 years old as stated in our guidelines
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This helps us get an idea of what time zone you're in for meetings, chat, etc.
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As in, how often you would be able to submit articles to us?

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What previous experience, if any, do you have in writing? *

Please give as much detail as you can about your writing experience. You're welcome to include links to articles that you have written on your blog or other websites (Tumblr, LiveJournal, WordPress, Forum posts, etc).
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If yes, please provide a URL to your website.
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This will help us know if you plan on promoting your articles once they go live.
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When your article gets published, we make sure to @mention your Twitter account so our readers can follow/interact with you. If you don't want to share your Twitter handle or don't have a Twitter account, just say: None, thank you. 
What is your article pitch? *

We would prefer when applying that you have a pitch or two in mind. It's rare that we supply our contributors with topics/subject, especially when it's their first time writing for us. Please be as detailed as possible.
What is your anticipated turnaround time for your pitch to be turned into a first draft? *

Please provide us a rough timeframe you will be able to produce the FIRST DRAFT (not the final draft). There is no rush to get drafts in quickly. This will help us know roughly when we can reserve a spot for you in our publishing calendar and which editor will be assigned to you.
We communicate with our contributors via Discord, as well as email. Are you okay joining our Discord server? *

We highly encourage all of our contributors to join our Discord server ( so we can interact with each other and our fans. Also it’s a great way to find out what’s happening with the site and get announcements before everyone else! We have a special channel specifically for our contributors/staff to be able to chat with each other. We also participate in game nights, where we and a group of our fans get together and have fun!
Have you read our Become A Yatta-Tachi Contributor page and understand that writing for Yatta-Tachi is an unpaid, volunteer only position? *

All of the staff are volunteers, but we have made sure that our contributors get something back in return for writing for us as outlined in our Become A Yatta-Tachi Contributor page:
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